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Caroline Tufenkian 
Artist Representative

Yerevan, Armenia- As I got out of the taxi, I was greeted by the welcoming smile of Arthur Sarkissian. We walked through a tunnel which opened into a village with no paved streets. Following him up and down uneven pathways, then down stairs into his studio, I was overwhelmed by the number of paintings that were stacked up against each other. As each canvas was uncovered, the studio took on new life, filled with vibrant color, liberating dialogue, an atmosphere which took flight. As I looked around, I saw colorful brush stokes, paint applied by spatula, silk screened towns, churches, architectural details, letters written to loved ones, and photographs of families, village leaders, and home makers from generations past. All these images point to the past and bridge a gap between then and now, past and present: the family photograph from eighty years ago juxtaposed with the bright, vivid colors and metaphors of our present times. His process includes layers, silk screen, brush strokes, more color; all applied together until he feels satisfied with his creation. This process parallels the layers of generations, of times and cultures past. A world based on the past. Arthur’s works are very personal, yet very culturally and historically saturated. They are powerful, liberating; they present a joie de vivre. Each creation tells a personal and universal story. Allow yourself to explore and discover.
By Caroline Tufenkian